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Previously on  my journals.

Kim Possible

I have been reported again on some Kim Possible images that are only sexies, I will put these links where you can find the aforementioned reported images and some others that cannot be published due deviantart's crappy rules and politics.

firts collection:… second collection:… third collection:…

My Youtube channel

Here is my youtube channel, here you can watch how I made some drawings I have posted here….

Rosalin Quest (Commission CLOSED)

Inkling Girl Quest (Commission CLOSED)

Hello all, since the Splatoon amiibos went on sale, I have not be able to get INKLING GIRL, so I decided to open a new commission in exchange for that amiibo, OR for an Amiibo 3 Pack Set. I have to warn you, this commission will close if I manage to get them first.

INKLING GIRL amiibo US version = 1 color pics without bg and 1 sketch or 3 sketches
1  Splatoon Amiibo 3 Pack US version = 3 color pics without bg or 6 sketches
The amiibo must be new and in the box.

what i will not draw:
-weird fetishes

Additional things:
-For the commisions not meeting DA rules, they'll be published at Pixiv or Nijie.
-The commission will not be private, it can be published outside of DA
-The image will have my signature.
-The image belongs to the client and he can use it as he wishes.
-I will be able to use the image in my portfolio.

if you're up for this commision, pm me for aditional info and the shipping address, i'll give the first sketch pic when i get the tracking number and the rest when it arrives.
rikubattle Featured By Owner May 30, 2015
Interesting ;)
Thanks for the info.
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